The basic conditions of use are listed. Conditions may vary depending on customer requirements and needs. Other conditions are negotiated when picking up the vehicle. All explanations are possible and we are available.

1. Payment is made by cash, bank transfer or payment cards
2. Damage share is 20%
3. Possession of a driver’s license for a minimum of 3 years
4. The required documents for renting a vehicle are: ID card / passport and driver’s license
5. When picking up the vehicle, a deposit is left (if the required vehicle is provided)
6. Additional equipment: GPS unit, child seat, free of charge for rent over 5 days.
7. Snow chains, first aid and PP are standard equipment and are free of charge
8. The vehicle is taken over with a full fuel tank and is returned
9. When returning the vehicle, up to 1 hour of overtime is tolerated, otherwise it will be charged all day
10. It is possible to return vehicles outside working hours by prior arrangement